2021 Review of Yoga for BJJ

Welcome, today we are doing a review on Yoga for BJJ, one of my favourite mobility programs and one that has really helped me with my longevity of training and rehabbing from some past injuries.

Something that plagued me when I started doing BJJ is that I was seriously stiff and sore the next day after classes. This felt more than the usual DOMS that I experience after a heavy weight session. I did light stretching after class but it never seemed to make much of a difference.

I stumbled across Yoga for BJJ via reddit a few years ago when the creator Sebastion Brosche’s YouTube channel was linked from a post from another person who experiences the same sort of muscle stiffness I do.

I figured it was likely my sedentary job, sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day that causes the issues (and yeah, this is largely right) but I knew that I needed to get something to supplement these YouTube vids and this is where Yoga for BJJ comes in.

What is Yoga for BJJ

Yoga for BJJ is a paid membership site with an ever growing library of Yoga classes for a variety of needs, such as gaining mobility, increasing flexibility, injury management and prevention and increasing functional fitness for your BJJ. 

The programs / classes are generally short in duration ranging from 10 minutes each to around 40 minutes. They progress in duration and skill requirements as you get better. 

The beginner programs are really well done and easy to follow. Sebastian has a great way of explaining the poses and why they are so important for your mobility and their functional use in BJJ. 

Some of the benefits I found from joining this program

  • Improvement in my flexibility that helped with all aspects of BJJ – Submissions, positions like berimbolo and inversions. Takedowns (stretching out those hip flexors).
  • Increased range of motion. Trying to do some of those crazy 10th planet submissions are a lot easier when your hamstrings and hip flexors aren’t constantly working against you. 
  • Faster recovery time as I wasn’t feeling that usual next morning stiffness and soreness. Your body will be supple like a leopard.
  • Increase in agility and the ability to flow between positions. Think when you are flowing through your guard retention on a standing opponent, you need to be able to move push, pull, invert using all your body and keeping your hips high.

Here is an overview video of the program.

Who are the Yoga for BJJ Instructors

Sebastian Brosche

Head instructor and yogi is Sebastian Brosche, a black belt under Eduardo Rios. Sebastian has competed in the European jiu-jitsu circuit and holds the following notable achievements

Main Achievements:

  • IBJJF World Champion (2010** purple)
  • IBJJF European Open Champion (2011 purple, 2010 blue)
  • UAEJJF World Pro Trials Champion (2011 purple)
  • IBJJF European Open Championship Runner-up (2015 brown)
  • IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2014/2013 brown)
  • IBJJF European Open Championship 3rd Place (2015* brown)
  • UAEJJF World Pro Championship 3rd Place (2013 brown) 

Source: https://www.bjjheroes.com/bjj-fighters/sebastian-brosche

He was introduced to Yoga by his now wife in 2011 where he explored the art for the benefit of his Jiu Jitsu. This helped him with previous injuries and to make advances in his flexibility, range of motion and agility.

Sarah Draht

Sarah is a Black belt from Canada providing the instruction for the rehab programs and Yoga for Powerhouses (which is great for you massive giant grapplers). She has a competitive record in BJJ and also teaches Muay Thai and Yoga. She perfectly complements Sebastian’s programs and is a very clear and thorough Yogi. 

Stine Brosche

Stine is Sebastian’s wife, the person who introduced him to Yoga and his Yoga instructor. She is primarily a Yoga Instructor so her sections are more technical and in depth but are great for those who are advancing along thier Yoga progression.

What are the best programs to start with

Beginners Programs

The beginners 10 in 10 program moving up to the 10 in 30 and then the foundations programs are a good place to start. It will take you about 40 days to work through all the 10 minute sessions. You will notice improvement within the first few days.  

Yoga for BJJ - Beginner Programs

Yoga for Desk Rats

Yoga for Desk Rats is great if you are like 75% of all adult grapplers who have a desk job. The best part is it only takes 5 minutes and you are done. It’s a great way to build a habit. You can also use the Yoga for Rocks sections for a more in depth 10 minute session each day.

Yoga for BJJ - Yoga for Desk Rats

Rehab Programs

There is a huge range of rehab programs for all your rehab specific needs. I’ve used the neck and shoulders program a lot and it’s helped tremendously with the tension I normally carry in my neck due to old injuries.

Yoga Rehab for BJJ

Advanced and Life Based programs

Plus there are heaps of individual specific training that is likely to suit as your life changes (pregnancy, competition prep etc).

image 3

Is Yoga for BJJ for me?

If you are someone who lacks flexibiliy, mobility and is generally feeling quite sore after each class I would highly suggest giving Yoga for BJJ a go. It’s a great program with very clear and easy to follow programming. For me personally it’s helped a lot as someone who spends all day on a desk then goes to training. So if you are in that boat I would highly suggest it.

You can access a preview of the content for free and without signing up by heading over to the homepage.

If you have tried the program and have seen some great results I’d love to hear your story. Let us know in the comments below.

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