How many BJJ Gis do I need

Ever asked yourself: How many BJJ Gis do I need? Well, the simple answer to that question is you can never have enough! I myself love collecting new Gi’s because quite frankly, I just enjoy buying a new Gi’s 😊. Please don’t tell my wife…

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But the optimal amount of Gi’s is really determined by the number of times you train each week. If you train more than four times per week, you really want to have a good rotation of Gi’s that are being cleaned and dried whilst you are attending each class.

For me, I train three to four times per week which is a mix of Gi and No-Gi, so use three Gi’s that I rotate constantly. I have a white, blue and black Gi which are all being rotated as I train.

My go to Gi’s are:

  • My White Atlas Gi which I use at gradings and whenever my others are wet still.
  • My Blue Tatami Estillo 2.0 which is my bae. This one seems to have remained the softest and people complain it’s hard to grip the sleaves so I keep using it.
  • And my newest one is my black Hyperfly Gi which replaced my old second white Gi.

So how many BJJ Gi’s do I need?

If you train in the Gi more than four times a week, I’d suggest having at least four Gi’s because there is a bit involved in cleaning and washing and drying them. Plus, they can take a few days to dry depending on the climate that you live on. It’s worth checking out my how to wash and dry your Gi article, which you can find here.

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