Best Rash Guard for BJJ in 2021. Complete Reviews With Comparison

After buying a Gi, one of the next big items a new BJJ player gets is a rash guard and in this guide we are going to uncover the best rash guard for BJJ in 2021.

Rash guards are essential for No-Gi BJJ because let’s face it, no one wants to roll with the bare-chested sweaty guy. Another great thing about them is you can wear them in the colder months under your Gi to keep you nice and warm before warm-ups and less sweaty once rounds start. If you want to know more about why a rashguard is essential gear for BJJ then check out this guide

So, if you are looking for a rashguard for either no-gi BJJ or just to keep you warm under your gi during the colder months, you have come to the right place.

Getting the right rashguard might seem like a straight forward affair but there are some things that might trip the new BJJ player up. We have written this guide to help you find the perfect rashie that fits well, looks great and powers up your jiu-jitsu journey. 

We have also provided our recommendations for a number of scenarios:

  • Best Overall Rashguard
  • Best Budget Rashguard
  • Best Runner Up Rashguard
  • Best Rashguard Under $50
  • Best womens BJJ Rashguard

After that we have also picked out another 7 rashguards that we think are pretty awesome and will help pad out your collection or help pad out that Christmas wish list…

Finally, if you are looking for more of a deep dive into what to look for in a BJJ rashguard then check out the buyer’s guide and FAQ down the bottom of this article. This will help you understand what makes an awesome rashguard, things to look out for when you shopping for one and some handy hints about sizing.

Best Rash Guard for BJJ Reviews

Best Overall – Raven Nordic

Screen Shot 2021 10 16 at 5.23.19 pm
Raven Nordic IBJJF Approved Rashguard

The Raven Nordic is our best overall choice for jiu-jitsu rashguards. Raven Fightwear has made quality products for a number of years now and this recent addition to the lineup is no exception.

This is a high-end rashie from a quality brand who are known for longevity and being able to take punishment (which you need in a rashguard). Best of all you get to feel like Ragnar Lothbrok as you smash people with your shoulder of justice.

Product Highlights

  • Sublimated graphics will not peel or fade providing long-lasting durability.
  • Rubber lining at the waist keeps rash guard secure during movement.
  • Reinforced flatlock stitching for long-lasting durability.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Four-way stretch fabric stretches in all directions allowing for maximum range of motion.

The Good

Sublimated graphics are excellent, this means they won’t peel off during even the toughest of rolls. It will also show no signs of fading over time.

The designs are beautiful and tasteful.

The fit is excellent and makes a huge difference when you are not having to constantly tug the top down to your waist when scrambling and stays right where it should.

The Bad/What I don’t like

If you have super long arms you will probably find the arm length a bit short on the smaller sizes and will need to go up, one or two sizes.


  • Rubber lining at the waist keeps it secure
  • Sublimated graphics are good quality and won’t peal


  • Can be a little bit short in the arms for small but lanky people.

Best Budget – DrSkin Compression tops

Screen Shot 2021 10 16 at 5.33.56 pm

These tops are a bit of a secret, they aren’t specifically BJJ rash guards but they do the same job for about 1/5th of the budget. The DRSKIN compression tops are amazing value for money, fit well and have a really nice look to them. Perfect for wearing under your Gi or during the summer no-gi training periods. They get our stamp of approval as the best budget rashguard by far.

Product Highlights

  • Non-abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability,
  • UV Block Protection – UPF 50+ fabric protects your skin from blocking harmful UV Rays
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation, Cool in Summer, Comfy Fabric.
  • Elastic moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric keeps you cool and comfortable all-day

The Good

The best thing about these rashguards is great honest sizing. If you are a Medium, buy a medium, it’s that simple.

Simple designs.

Great value for money

The Bad/What I don’t like

The material is very thin, you can tell it’s not built for years of abuse.

Stitching is quite loose on some shirts.


  • Great fit
  • Simple design
  • Amazing value for money


  • Thin Material

Best Runner Up – RVCA BJJ Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 16 at 5.47.56 pm

RVCA have a soft spot in our heart. In fact, our chief editor Steve is basically obsessed with the brand.

RVCA have been around for quite some time in the Jiu Jitsu scene, but is better known as a surf wear brand. This is because Jiu Jitsu and surfing have a strong cultural link.

In Brazil, Rio specifically, Jiu Jitsu athletes would often go down to the beach in the morning to cool off before training and then head back to the gym mid-morning to get their training in.

It’s no surprise that RVCA, a really strong surfing brand, has crossed over into Jiu Jitsu.

RVCA make excellent apparel that’s built for durability. Their rash guards are so well made you can use them for either BJJ or surfing. This makes them excellent value for money and you get a rash guard that is very durable and looks fantastic.

You’ll find that the RVCA BJJ Rashguard has an excellent cut, fit, and looks exactly like surf wear that you’re probably used to seeing with simple logo design and finish. 

Product Highlights

  • Non-abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability,
  • UV Block Protection – UPF 50+ fabric protects your skin from blocking harmful UV Rays
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation, Cool in Summer, Comfy Fabric.
  • Elastic moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric keeps you cool and comfortable all-day

The Good

What I like about this particular top is the simple styling and it’s excellent quality. You’ll find that the stitching is excellent, and the de-sublimation of the logo doesn’t peel or doesn’t shred.

The Bad/What I don’t like

What I don’t like about these is they can ride up a little bit, and you might find that the sizings are a little bit smaller than what you’re used to. Aside from that, though, they are an excellent rash guard.


  • Athletic Fit
  • Simple Aesthetic Design
  • Easy to clean


  • Runs smaller than most rashguards – size up.

Best Under $50 – Fuji BJJ Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 16 at 5.50.23 pm

Fuji has been a mainstay of the Jiu Jitsu scene for quite a number of years. You’ll find that the quality of the product is excellent, specifically with these ranked rash guards. They’re a great rash guard for when you are entering Jiu Jitsu competitions, so just make sure you grabbed the rank that’s appropriate to where you’re at.

Product Highlights

  • Non-abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability,
  • UV Block Protection – UPF 50+ fabric protects your skin from blocking harmful UV Rays
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation, Cool in Summer, Comfy Fabric.
  • Elastic moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric keeps you cool and comfortable all-day

The Good

What I like about these rash guards is that they are very, very simple. There’s not much to them in that they will wear very well. There’s no patterns or logos that will peel during the toughest of competitions. You’ll find that they are very soft and they fit really, really well.

The Bad/What I don’t like

What I don’t like about them, there’s not a lot to be perfectly honest. You might find that because they do run a little small, which is pretty standard for a lot of rash guards that you need to size up. So just be aware of that beforehand.


  • High quality anti-microbial fabric
  • Soft underarm panels for maximum comfort
  • Fully Sublimated graphics that will never crack, peel or fade
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • IBJJF Approved


  • Runs small like most rashguards so size up.
  • Thin material means it can be a little see through.

Best Women’s BJJ Rashguard Lotus Women’s Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 16 at 5.51.53 pm

Product Highlights

  • Non-abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability,
  • UV Block Protection – UPF 50+ fabric protects your skin from blocking harmful UV Rays
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation, Cool in Summer, Comfy Fabric.
  • Elastic moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric keeps you cool and comfortable all-day

The Good

What I like about it is that the fit is excellent, and it’s really made specifically for women’s Jiu Jitsu, which you might not think actually needs a lot of consideration before developing a product specifically for them.

The Bad/What I don’t like

What I don’t like about it, I think this holds true for a lot of the rash guards that we’re reviewing at the moment, is they do run a tad small, but for the most part you’ll find that the sizing is pretty true to size. Just make sure that you do wash it regularly with cold water and do not tumble dry.


  • Light, breathable material allows for full mobility.
  • The Rubber Hem strip prevents slippage during rolls.
  • Fully sublimated printing. Will not peel or fade.


  • Runs small, so size up. This is true for all rashguards as mentioned above.

Runners Up

X-Martial Tuxedo Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.09.35 am

Ok.. I get it. This isn’t exactly what you had in mind but hear me out. This is a legit rashie from XMARTIAL who make some awesome designs. The product quality is excellent and it has all the modern feature to make it comfortable, well fitting, well wearing and they don’t ride up.

I love how they focus on making amazing products that are funny as hell. The tuxedo rashguard will have you looking like the classiest grappler on the mat from the moment you arrive.

SCRAMBLE BJJ Ranked Long Sleeve Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.15.51 am
Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.20.43 am

Scramble, again a UK brand that has really strong ties and influence from the Japanese Jiu Jitsu scene. The Japanese Jiu Jitsu scene makes a very distinct product, and Scramble is no different. It’s a brand that I fell in love with when I very first came into Jiu Jitsu. Scramble, along with Reversal, have great Kanji in the logo and lettering on their particular rash guards, and all their products. They’ve been known to make exceptionally high quality. So you will pay a little more for Scramble products.

They’ve got some really great features in that they do run long, which means that while they don’t have rubberized waistbands, it doesn’t matter if they do tend to ride up because of the long torso on a lot of their products.

What I like about it, again, it’s definitely the size, fit and length. The length of the product means that you’re not going to have to expose your belly potentially when you’re rolling around in circles.

What I don’t like about it is that they do tend to be a little bit hard to get at times and they can sell out quite quickly because they do run in limited numbers. So if you do see something that is available, I highly suggest that you do get it.

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Training Rash Guard for MMA BJJ Wrestling

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.45.20 am

Sanabul, a relatively new entrant into the Jiu Jitsu scene. However, they have made a splash due to the amazing quality of the product and affordability as well. You’ll notice that a lot of UFC and ex UFC fighters, such as previous champion Michael Bisping, contender “Sugar” Sean O’Malley and former champion TJ Dillashaw have all jumped on board with this product, and are using it and putting it into the paces during their regular training sessions.

The rash guards themselves are ranked, which means that you can choose your appropriate ranking product and use that in competitions. Or you can just get whatever suits you for the gym, like a black one. I generally wear black rashies because hey, black is back baby.

What I like about this product is definitely their affordability, and then durability. As far as value for money is concerned, you really can’t go wrong with the Sanabul product.

What I don’t like about it. Some products can wear a little bit thin. So you might find that if it’s a bit of a bad batch, they can run thin, and you might end up with a little bit of mat burn, but as far as this, it’s pretty rare to see.

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Rashguard

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.47.17 am

Venom is a brand that has been in the MMA and Jiu Jitsu scene pretty much since its inception or adoption in the US. Venom have been known for a long time for their streetwear products, for their training gear, and for their compression wear as well. You’ll find that this particular rash guard comes in white, black and white, black and black, and you can also get it in long sleeve as well. The design itself is pretty cool. I really, really do enjoy gladiator themed movies, and this rash guard’s no exception. I’m a bit of a dork, but I kind of like that sort of stuff.

What I like about this particular product is it’s a Venom product, so very high quality, does give you a bit of a compression, which means that the blood circulation to your muscles is going to help with your recovery time. It’s got reinforced seams and it’s got the rubber waistband. So it’ll stay tight for your perfect coverage.

What I don’t like it about it particularly is that the sizing again can run pretty small, but like you’ve probably seen with these reviews, that’s pretty standard for a lot of them. It is a rash guard. Rash guards do compress into your body. So just be aware of that when you are ordering.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard – Camo Rash Guard

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.48.44 am

The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu rash guard. Gold has been around for a couple of years now, and they do make very strong quality products. These particular rash guards come in short and long sleeve variants so choose accordingly. The camo look is pretty cool. You’ll find that they’re very, very strong, very durable. They wash really well and you don’t get any issues as far as the print peeling, the sublimation is really, really good in the design.

Gold itself is not a huge brand. They’re actually a relatively small family business, and they’re very, very closely tied to the Jiu Jitsu community. So their support as far as product development, it’s very, very positive. If you’re not thrilled with any of their products, you can really call or reach out to the founders directly. They’ll usually refund or replace without any questions.

What I like about this particular product is definitely it looks really good. The fit’s really good. The stitching is excellent, and also the warranty on it is fantastic.

What I don’t really like about it is not much I’ll be fair. You might find that the material does tend to work its way out from your cuffs or pull around your wrists, which can cause it to sort of bunch up a little bit. But that seems to be mainly on bigger people.

Lafroi Mens Rash Guard

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.50.34 am

Lafroi are pretty new to the scene as far as BJJ wear is concerned however with over 30 years of experience producing garments for some of the worlds biggest brands, they know a thing or two about quality clothes.

These rashies look great, have excellent moisture wicking, the stitching work is superb (no loose threads) and they stay nice and comfortable through all your rolls.

What I like about this one is it fits really, really good. You genuinely get a ton of compliments from the design because it is a pretty cool design, and it holds up really well through even the toughest and roughest grappling sessions.

Elite sports Ranked Rashguards

Screen Shot 2021 10 17 at 11.55.26 am

I’m a big fan of the Elite ranked rashguards. They are super well made and have a really simple look to them. They survive a lot of punishment on the mats and I haven’t had any issues with mine as I’ve been wearing them.

Given they are ranked you will be able to use them in tournaments (IBJJF, NAGA, Grappling Industries) so they will get a lot of use. They are super good value for money so you can’t really go wrong in my opinion.

What I like about it is the fit is great and you’ve got all the standardized features such as flat lock stitching, a really strong compression so that your massive muscles will recover a lot better.

Buyer’s Guide

In order to find the best rash guard for you, you are best narrowing it down using the following criteria. These are the factors we look at when recommending the above-mentioned rashies.

Size and fit

Rashguards come in all shapes and sizes and it’s surprising how varied they are. Some are a super tight fit, like a compression top, while others are more loose-fitting like an athletic t-shirt.

You need to find out what works for you, whether you like a nice snug fitting top or want more room. Personally, I find that a tighter top is better during rolling because it stays put, doesn’t ride up and gives you a chance to flex those guns a little.

Looser tops I find are better worn under the gi during the winter months.

Short-Sleeve or Long Sleeve

It may seem obvious but knowing if you want a long sleeve or short sleeve rashgaurd goes a long way. You can find some brands don’t carry the very artistic designs in the short sleeve variants.

I am a bit fan of short sleeve personally which I find better for living and training in a warmer climate.

Graphics Quality

If you have a great looking graphic on your rashguard you want to ensure that it has been applied using a quality method like sublimation. There is nothing worse than getting a great new top only to find that the graphics peel off after the first wash.

Ranked or Unranked

If you are looking to compete in a rashguard the current IBJJF rules state that at least 10% of your belt colour on it. Getting a ranked rashguard just for competitions can keep you on the right side of the rules here. There is nothing more disappointing than competing, only to be DQ’d for not meeting the uniform rules.

BJJ Rashguard FAQs

Do I need to wear a rashguard?

For no-gi BJJ, yes you do. Noone likes a face full of sweaty hairy chest. Some gyms will allow no-tops (for men) during an open mat but this is generally for smaller classes and competition classes.

If you are competing in an IBJJF tournament you also need to wear a rashguard

How do I wash a rashguard?

The best way to wash it is to turn it inside out and wash it in a washbag. Cold wash with a dash on vinegar to keep out any stench from permeating in the top.

How often should I wash a rashguard?

After every use. No one likes to roll with the sticky rashguard guy.

What size rashguard should I get?

Expect a bit of a snug fit with rashguards, if you are someone who likes more loose-fitting clothes then get the next size up than what you normally would. Generally, you shouldn’t go a size down as the vast majority of rashguards are snug-fitting.

Conclusion/Wrapping up/Final Verdict

This should give you a lot of information about finding the best BJJ rashguard for you. You can’t go wrong with the suggestions above but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to comment below.

If you have a favourite rashguard that we haven’t mentioned, leave a comment below and we will check it out

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