The Best BJJ Shorts options in 2021. Reviews and Comparison.

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After hitting the mats for your first few weeks, you´ve finally decided to ditch the soccer shorts and go look for the best BJJ shorts available in order to get your flow at No-Gi class.  Well, this guide will showcase the best options for BJJ training shorts in 2021.

Jiu Jitsu shorts are not an option for No-Gi training, they are a Requirement. Do not expect the head coach to allow you to get to the mats wearing only your boxers or your lucky tighty whities. Plus, you are going to need to pair your sweet BJJ Rashguard with something stylish on your lower half.

There are multiple options and styles when it comes to the shorts you can wear for your training, including board shorts style, Compression, Spats, MMA style shorts, and more.

Be it for No-Gi Training, or maybe just an extra layer of cloth under your Gi pants in order to keep your legs warm during winter, or as a comfortable extra layer to prevent sweating straight into your Gi pants, this is the right place to start taking notes if you are after the best bjj shorts for you.

Getting the best grappling shorts for your training sessions may sound as simple as going to get yourself a new pair of Jeans, but there are a lot of details that the new BJJ practitioners may not take into consideration.

This guide has been written to help you find those shorts that not only fit comfortable and make your classmate’s eyes go straight to you from the good looks, but the style that fits and adapts to your body and jiu-jitsu game the best. 

We also took the time to give our recommendations for multiple case scenarios:

  • Best BJJ Shorts
  • Best BJJ Compression Shorts
  • Best Budget Shorts
  • Best Runner Up
  • Best Shorts Under $50
  • Best women´s BJJ Shorts Shorts

We also decided to bring up 5 runner up options for those who are looking to grow their shorts collection with some fantastic options.

After reading through our top picks, take your time to read the buyer’s guide and FAQ by the end of the article in order to get all the small details that will give you the upper hand in your short shopping runs, and what to keep in mind when you are choosing the best option for you.

Best Overall – RDX R7 MMA Fight Shorts

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RDX are among the most reliable MMA brands out there. While they’re geared mostly toward’s MMA, that doesn’t mean they do not make a mean pair of BJJ shorts.

The RDX MMA Shorts have an ergonomic design. They feature the mandatory side slits that make movement easier.

Product Highlights

  • 100% resistant to microbes, fungi, and odor retention.
  • Improved Velcro closure strap system and an internal waistband interlocking drawstring for a customized fit.
  • T3 stitching for high strength and resilience.

The Good

The RDX latest series is a strong candidate for the title offset BJJ shorts in 2021. The RDX shorts come at a great value, by offering high-quality performance shorts.

The Bad

Appart from the feeling that they are slightly thin, they come in only three colors: blue, green, and yellow, which means that they don´t fit into IBJJF competitions as one would like.


  • Great fit
  • Resilient and hightly durable
  • Great value for money


  • Slightly Thin Material

Best Budget – Hayabusa Metaru Charged

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The Hayabusa Metaru Charged BJJ shorts are made specifically for no gi players. What makes it such a good option is that they are ranked shorts. It is available in black/white, blue, purple, and brown making it a good option if you plan on competing in an IBJJF tournament soon.

Product Highlights

  • IBJJF Approved
  • Color Ranked for No-Gi Competitions
  • State-of-the-art hardware-free waistband, keeps shorts securely in place without the need for drawstrings or velcro.

The Good

These BJJ/MMA shorts are well made based on the material used by Hayabusa. It also has great workmanship in terms of the stitching found in all areas of the shorts especially in areas with the most stress. It also makes use of stretch panels to help with the person’s movement.

The Bad

There is a bit of a problem though when it comes to the fit of these BJJ shorts. Also, these shorts can feel a little bit restrictive for some, despite the stretch panels.


  • Rugged textiles without hardware
  • Stretch panel
  • Reinforced seams and silicone waistband
  • IBJJF Approved and color ranked


  • Slightly Restrictive.
  • Lack of waistband, may require a pull to lock into waist.

Best Runner Up – Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts

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Fuji is known for its no-nonsense simplistic design. For the last decades, the brand has been known both in judo and in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts prove that the brand is also capable of producing high-quality and stylish no gi gear.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-lightweight and made from a 4-way stretch performance fabric
  • Inside drawstring and a Velcro waistband enclosure for a secure fit
  • 360-degree stretch flex panels and saddle gusset that allows for a full range of motion.

The Good

Offering high-quality material for you to train in it for a long time. It is also lightweight which makes it a great option for those who plan to compete.

This is the type of fight shorts that won’t give you any problem with an IBJJF checker, and which you can customize with club and sponsor logos.

The Bad

For me, the Personal downside I feel that these shorts are slightly shorter length than the average, and even though it isn´t a “deal-breaker”, it doesn´t appeal too much to me.


  • Lightweight Material
  • High quality and resistant.
  • IBJJF Approved


  •  Length is a bit short.

Best Under $25 Shorts– Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Shorts

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Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ shorts are one of the many essential products in the Sanabul MMA series, as such, they are a no-nonsense product that can fulfill your requirements.

Product Highlights

  • A secure hook and loop closure system keeps these firmly on you, even after hours of hard use.
  • Reinforced stitching and seam protection will keep your shorts from easily tearing. Material treatment means they stay dryer and cleaner
  • Four way stretching gives you more range of motion and keeps fabric from getting caught in limbs.

The Good

Sanabul essentials are made to withstand the wear and tear through intense training sessions. Simple design with a good fit, a great product for the money you pay.

The Bad

The fly area is small in comparison to most shorts, and it seems to have a rather awkward design.


  • Secured on waist through hook & loops system
  • The anti-microbial treatment keeps it dry &  hygienic
  • Very sturdy & strong, highly durable
  • Very comfortable even during long hour sessions


  • Fly area has a reduced size

Best Women’s Shorts  Tatami Fightwear Women’s Shorts

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Tatami Fightwear has a full line of women focused Jiu Jitsu shorts, which keep their signature high quality performance.

Ranging from long board shorts with different styles, like the “Kanagawa” and “weeping Hannya” Shorts, to the “IBJJF 2020 Ranked Dynamic” line and ending in the “Minimal VT” Compression shorts.

Tatami has been a Brand with a solid history in Jiu Jitsu products, and they have been just as steady and reliable with their women No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Line.

The size and cut of their line is specifically built for women’s dimensions, in order for the shorts to have a good fit and be reliable in the mats.

Product Highlights

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Durable, high quality construction
  • Maximizes performance when training or competing
  • Modern, minimal designs

The Good

Made to fit specifically for women’s Jiu Jitsu, the whole Tatami Women´s line focuses on giving enough options with great performances on the mats.

The Bad

What I do not like is that that the board styled shorts do seem rather long.


  • Light-weight, breathable, durable material stretches in all directions for full mobility.
  • Multiple options with a good price range.


  • Board shorts are quite long.

Runners Up

Venum Standard Fightshorts

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B081R2XLSZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fgm01 20&language=en US

Venum Brand is an amazing brand that you must have heard of at some point if you follow anything Jiu Jitsu and/or MMA. They have been in the sport for what seems like ages.

The design on their shorts is one that can be recognized all over their line, both made comfortable with a great fit hook and loop closure, while made resistant with a 100% polyester fabric.

Any of Venum fightshorts are a great option to add to your collections, they always deliver great products in the Jiu Jitsu scene, from Gis to rash guards, to spats and shorts.

To be Honest, I have to admit that I am a bit Biased on Venum Fightshorts, as I have sported and loved my Amazonia 4.0 Fightshorts for the 8 Years that I have practiced BJJ and MMA, and they have endured the most intense sessions with little to no wear.

A great detail about them, is that they have not changed the formula in years, the hook and loop system is as comfortable as it can be, it allows great mobility and they are more than just durable.

The bad, being the only reason that they are actually not the top pick overall, is their cost. Venum is indeed a high tier brand, and as good as they are, most if not all of their fight shorts are going at least at 60 USD and over. The performance is great but their competitors have achieved matching outputs from their products while offering lower costs, however, if you have the budget, it is worth the money.

RVCA Grappling Shorts

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07TGXGFQZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fgm01 20&language=en US

We couldn´t do a gear list without mentioning RVCA, a favorite brand of our chief editor; and with their product performance, there is simply no discussion to why we add it here.

They have a simplistic look, plain black with the RVCA logo along the side and on the front. But these are hybrid-type grappling shorts – so they do not come cheap.

The shorts are cut above the knee, and fits snugly along your legs, but not too snug that it’s overly revealing like a Vale Tudo compression shorts.

These shorts have great elasticity as a hybrid pair of grappling shorts, and it provides you great moisture wicking and breathability during training. It’s Velcro fly and waist-tightening provides you a comfortable and secure fit.

A Great detail is that these shorts have such a clean aesthetic look to it, while also keeping a no-nonsense approach of being both reliable and comfortable with great resistant materials.

The bad is that just like the previous option, these might make you break the bank a little bit, but if you have the budget for it, and don’t want an overly complicated design, these shorts are a great buy from any point of view.

Gold BJJ Pacific Jiu Jitsu Shorts

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Gold BJJ’s Pacific Shorts are a brand new update to this brand’s already top tier, classic Fight Shorts, and there is no wrong to them.

Gold BJJ is a reputable brand, and although they’re known for BJJ, they’ve been quickly gaining fans throughout the martial arts community, their shorts in particular are one of the reasons why.

The material they use is super lightweight and breathable. They are also IBJJF legal for competition. The material is made with a high quality board shorts style material which is excellent for wicking moisture and keeping your shorts dry and comfortable.

With the cut and material being optimized, these shorts also allow full range of motion during training, which has made them a good pick for any kind of training, not only No-Gi BJJ.

The good on this shorts is their straight to the point approach, with their drawstring attached to the back and a simple style that keeps things comfortable.

The bad about them is the fact that they come in only one color, a detail that comes from their previous model but that I was hoping would be changed with the new update.

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

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Anthem Athletics is another famous name in the field of athletic apparel. They feel proud of designing and making different sports gear, traditionally, for them, quality is the hallmark and they never compromise on that.

The brand is known for their high-quality and excellent customer service so you really can’t go wrong with either pair.

The velcro waistband and draw string allow you to have a custom size, this is great if you like your shorts to feel a certain way around your waist.

The good about them is the fact that The Resilience MMA shorts has over 25 different colors to choose from so you could basically wear a different pair on every training session of the month. Plus their Aggressive side slits and 4-way stretch crotch make them a great confort with optimal movement.

The bad i show many people have complained that these shorts run small, however, it’s always best to follow the size chart that Anthem Athletics provides.

Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Shorts

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07JQSM9BK&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fgm01 20&language=en US

After the review on Metaru Charged, we already know that choosing a pair of Hayabusa shorts can´t go wrong; and the Chikara 4 delivers just as expected.

With great materials and great workmanship, these have tons of reviews showcasing just how comfortable they are, keeping a great fit during any training intensity.

Unlike the Metaru, these shorts are not ranked, so even though you may not be able to enter all competitions with them, you simply can´t go wrong with these during any training session.

The good are all the details made to keep this shorts both comfortable and resistant, including the split leg, stretch panel, reinforced seams, silicone waistband with drawstring and velcro closure.

The bad is that just like some of the previous runner ups, the cost increases from the brands other top option, but as it has been mentioned before, if your budget allows for the buy, you won´t regret adding them to your collection and feeling their performance on the mats.

Buyer’s Guide

Best BJJ Shorts

In order to find the shorts that will fit you best, you can narrow the search down focusing on these factors in order to choose the best out the options on the market.

Board Shorts or Compression Shorts.

MMA and No-Gi shorts are split in two categories depending on the style they have. One is the Board shorts style, which looks like the surfer style shorts.

These shorts are not skin tight, they allow for mobility and are usually longer than their counterpart.

The other group are compression shorts, which fit as close as they can to your skin, which allows for great mobility during training.

Other than the mobility variant, it must be mentioned that board shorts are the ones approved for IBJJF no-gi competition, which means that you´ll have to wear one in order to compete.

Compression shorts can be used as long as they are under a competition short in no-gi, or gi pants in Gi competition.

You need to find out what works for you in the training room. I personally enjoy a lot more out of board shorts for training, even though I may use compression shorts or spats under my shorts most of the time.

Design and Material

The shorts you are wearing do not only cover your underwear during training and competition, they can also show part of your personality in their design and details, however, it is not only about the aesthetics, so keep an eye on the materials and crafting quality in your gear, because it defines how much they will be able to last in the mat.

Cut and length

The length and comfortability on your shorts relies on both the type  of cut (Board or Compression) and the length they have, this can also go with the type of game you play on the mat, in which mobility is involved and it can turn your short preferences into a matter of trial and error.

Ranked or Unranked

If you are looking to compete, the current IBJJF rules state that the Board shorts must be colored black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs.

They must not have without pockets, no buttons, no exposed drawstrings, zippers or any form of plastic or metal that could present a risk to the opponent.

They should also be long enough to cover at least halfway down the thigh, and no longer than the knee.

BJJ Shorts FAQs

Best BJJ Grappling Shorts

Do I need to wear BJJ Shorts for training?

For no-gi BJJ, it is the most comfortable choice, but there are other options. You can wear your Gi pants for the training session, or wear spats instead, which is a pretty common choice for women to do.

If you are competing in tournaments, men are required to wear BJJ shorts, Women are allowed either compression shorts or Spats.

Why use compression shorts or spats for BJJ?

Some practitioners, including those whose main focus is MMA fighting prefer to use compression shorts or spats for training due to the high mobility it allows.

As mentioned before, women are even allowed to compete in Jiu Jitsu using them, and it is quite a popular choice for them.

Why are MMA and BJJ shorts different?

This is due to the moveset they use, some fighters use BJJ shorts to train and even fight in the cage, just like No-Gi practitioners may use MMA shorts to train or even compete.

The range of movement given is similar, however, it can be seen that compression shorts are prefered by some of the fighters with a good kicking arsenal, due to the increased mobility they can provide.

How often should I wash my shorts?

To be honest, the best option is to wash all you BJJ gear after the training session you used it in. This is specially recomended after intense training.

Conclusion/Wrapping up/Final Verdict

At this point you should be ready to start scouting and looking for the best BJJ Shorts for you. The suggestions above are pretty solid options, but if you have any questions, we encourage you to comment them below.

If your favourite BJJ Shorts weren´t mentioned, leave a comment below telling us what your personal choice is, so we can check it out for ourselves!

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