What is the best BJJ Gi brand?

By 2012, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Community witnessed a boom in the number of Kimono brands and Jiu Jitsu gear companies. By this time, entrepreneurial grapplers started their companies sourcing gis from either China or Pakistan. As a result, consumers get countless brands to choose from. For new grapplers, you might feel overwhelmed by this.

So what is the best BJJ gi brand in the market today? That’s a tough question to answer since there are a lot of things to consider. Price, quality, looks, fit, shrinkage and even customer service—these are just some of the things that you have to consider before you invest in a gi.

Most Exclusive Gi Brand: Shoyoroll


If you’re into the hypebeast and sneaker culture, then you’d surely appreciate Shoyoroll. Overpriced? Yes. But that’s what you pay for if you like exclusivity. Shoyoroll has an array of sponsored athletes considered as today’s top jiujitsu competitors.

Shoyoroll has been around before the boom of kimono brands. They were able to set the bar high among other startup brands. They even came up with their own cut for their gis.

Since Shoyoroll has a rabid following within the jiujitsu community worldwide, it could sell out its gis in an instant. Most of the time, you will only be able to buy their gear in the secondary market being sold by those who were lucky enough to buy their gis.

The catch with Shoyoroll is that they have a premium price on their products. If you are willing to pay $200 for a gi or even more if you are buying it in the secondary market, then go ahead. However, you also have to watch out in case you are buying from Facebook Group members since there are a lot of counterfeit Shoyoroll gis today.

Best Value: Hyperfly


Hyperfly is one of those brands that emerged in the 2012 boom of Kimono brands. But unlike the majority of the other small brands that soon closed after a few years, Hyperfly managed to become a serious player in the niche.

Hyperfly’s “You Can’t Teach Heart” dogma has become synonymous to the Jiu Jitsu bushido that practitioners wanted to embody in their game.

Hyperfly has an array of products whether it’s Kimonos, nogi gear, or even gym bags. They have a wide array of gi options. Looking at their website, you can buy a gi as low as $109 and as high as $250. Signature gis such as their Everyday Porrada x Hyperfly gi sells for $250.

You can select different weaves whether it’s pearl weave or gold weave. Plus, they also released a judo cut gi for those who want to train more takedowns.

The quality of the gis is also above average since it can be used both as a training and a competition gi. Their gis also don’t shrink a lot.

Best Quality: Alma

Alma BJJ Supply

We mentioned that most of gis today are made from Pakistan and China. That’s what makes Alma a standout brand since their products are made from Japan.

Alma is known to use lightweight and durable cotton in their products. It’s the type of gi that you can use whether you are looking to compete or train for hours on the mats. Apart from the spectacular quality expected from a Japan-made product, the fit is different. It tends to offer more coverage to the midsection.

Unfortunately, if you are living outside Asia, you might find yourself paying a hefty shipping fee. Their gis are priced from around $130 to around $189.

Best in Design: Scramble

Scramble BJJ

You’d mistaken Scramble as a Japanese brand. But in reality, it is a brand from the UK. You could say that it’s the SuperDry of gis with their Japanese culture inspired designs. Scramble is best known for the use of Asian elements in kimonos. Scramble even released a gi featuring Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa on the inside. Stylish, high-quality, and great fit—these are some things that you can expect from Scramble products.

In 2014, they released the Yamamoto Black Label gi that was sourced in Japan. But normally, their gis were sourced either in Pakistan or China.

Best Competition Gi: Storm

Storm BJJ

One of the things that make competition gis different from your training gi is the fact that competitors need to weigh in with their gear including their belts. It means that your gi should meet the standards of the rule book and it should also be light. And aside from that, grips are another important factor to consider.

Storm is known for implementing a triple stitch by the cuff of the top and the hem of the pant. This makes it harder for your opponent to grip. And in high-level competition, grip fighting matters and could make a difference between winning and losing.

Storm comes in with a variety of gis from their basic kimonos to their signature releases. It ranges from $150 to $229.

Best Price: Fuji

Fuji BJJ

Are you looking for a plain-looking gi that doesn’t break the bank but at the same time offer decent quality? That’s a reason why Fuji is still a relevant brand today.

For white belts who are just starting their journey, it isn’t surprising if they choose Fuji over other brands. Fuji’s All Around BJJ Gi is priced at $99, which is something rare in today’s market. Quality is superb since Fuji has been around producing BJJ gis since 2006. However, the company has been around for the past decades. It was founded in 1969 catering to different martial arts products including Judo gis.

Final thoughts

There are a variety of gi brands that exist today. If things get too overwhelming for you, take a closer look at this list and weigh your options. Also, don’t forget to check for deals and discounts from these brands.

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