5 Things To Do Before Competing in a Jiu-jitsu Tournament

So, you’re about to embark on a Jiu-Jitsu tournament. There’s a lot of feelings in the air, from excitement to nerves. This may seem like a lot to juggle, but it’s important to keep your focus and motivation before competing. 

It can help you work past your nerves if you already have a plan for what you’re going to do or need for the day. Before you get out there and go for gold, get on with these tasks.

1 – Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

What you wear will have a major impact on your performance. You should be well protected and have a comfortable fit that won’t restrict your movement. In tournaments, you also need to have proper and mandated jiu-jitsu apparel to be eligible to compete. If you have a coach, they should be able to help you figure out the right gear to wear.

It’s also best to bring more than one GI since you can be disqualified for having a GI that doesn’t pass their assessment. 

2 – Make a Playlist for the Day

Music can do a lot to set your mood. Create a playlist that gets you motivated and keeps your spirits up in preparation for the tournament. This can also help keep your mind off of worrying about the upcoming battle. On top of this, it can serve as a good block from distractions while you train.

3 – Don’t Get Overly Focused on Your Weight

Yes, it’s important to know your weight class so that you know which category you’ll be competing in. This also gives you a good idea of who your opponents will be. However, too many athletes get too caught up in their weight that they neglect other crucial aspects of preparation. It’s more about your physical ability and form. 

Once you have your weight, just register for that weight class when competing and keep your mind on other factors.

4 – Eat Well and Pick a Meal You Like

Don’t suddenly change up your diet on the day of your tournament. You don’t want to risk any indigestion and unwanted problems. Plus, you’ll be in a better mood if you eat something you like and are already familiar with.

Just make sure you eat a good amount that doesn’t starve you but also isn’t excessive. Figure out the best meal size and ingredients that make you feel energetic and healthy, and go for that.

5 – Work on Your Game Plan

This is not the type of event that you can simply go into winging things. Even though you can’t predict what will happen in your rounds, it’s good to have a general plan with your tactics. Be prepared with both offensive and defensive moves, and figure out your strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Keep a simple plan that you can stick to and adjust around as needed.


Whether you are competing in traditional Japanese or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, these tips should still apply to you. If you follow through on these steps, you’ll find that you have more energy to take on the challenges you are about to face. Preparation is key for any sporting event, especially if you’re entering competitively. 

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