Best BJJ and Wrestling Mat Cleaner

Hi all, here is a quick guide on the best BJJ and Wrestling Mat Cleaners suggested from gym owners. 

In order they are:

1. Kenclean Plus

2. Simple Green D Pro 3. 

3. Mat attack

4. Zebra Disinfectant Mat Cleaner

​5. Pinesol mixed with water

6. Bleach and water.

Best ways to use your cleaner of choice

Cleaning the mats while they’re covered in pools of sweat isn’t productive, so most gym owners will normally wait until they’re dry, sweep the loose dirt off, and then clean them. If it’s warm it’ll only take about 10 minutes for them to dry after you clean them with your cleaner of choice

BJJ and Wrestling Mat Cleaner buyers guide.

Kenclean Plus

Available from:

Only 2oz needed per gallon and it will kill all the “standard” bugs you can pick up while wrestling (ringworm, athletes foot etc). 

Simple Green D Pro 3

Available from:

A $20 bottle will last about a month, getting roughly 25 full cleanings. Don’t get the basic Simple Green, although it works and is cheaper, it doesn’t clear out MRSA, ringworm, or athletes foot

Mat attack

Available from:

This is the Dollamur branded cleaner and work flawlessly with their mats and any other typical training surface. If you buy mats from Dollamur expect to be upsold this. 

Zebra Disinfectant Mat Cleaner

Just like Dollamur mats, this is the preferred cleaner of Zebra Mats. Kills all the nasties like MSRA etc. 

​Pinesol mixed with water

Available From: pretty much everywhere. 

Yeah it’s Pinesol… it cleans things and has a zesty scent. 

Bleach and water.

Available from: everywhere

Don’t put it in your eyes. Will make things white if you don’t water it down. 


There you have it. These are 6 of the best BJJ and Wrestling Mat Cleaner options. If you have anything else that you use drop a link to it in the comments below.

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